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The short distance of the village from the city of Limassol (15 minutes’ drive) and the mountainous resorts of the Troodos mountain range, the area’s amazing climate and the unique natural environment of the Limnati River’s valley, as well as the hospitality of the residents of the village have led several locals and foreigners to build their house or cottage in the community of Limnati.

Almost all traditional old houses of the community have been maintained and restored, while several new houses have been built around the traditional core of the village.

The residential development that has been observed in the community during the past few years has led the Community Council to promote new infrastructure and beautification works. 

These projects, as well as appropriate construction acts on behalf of the residents of the village, have turned the community into a beautiful and picturesque village dominated by the green colour of the trees, its cleanliness and the colourful beauty of flowers. As a result of all this, a stroll along the neighbourhoods and narrow alleys of the village is simply an amazing experience. 



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