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The Museum of Limnati is located at the entrance of the village, opposite the national associations of the community.

It belongs to Mr Christos Limnatitis, who, approximately 20 years ago, began collecting various old agricultural tools which he placed in his house. This was the beginning of the Museum. 

Today, the museum, which is still found in Mr Limnatitis’ house, has been expanded and it covers various aspects of the life of the community’s old residents.

At the museum we have the chance to see furniture which older residents of the community used such as beds, tables, chairs and other furniture which facilitated the life of the residents. Moreover, there are old domestic appliances such as radios and sewing machines, as well as household utensils. Displayed in another section of the museum are various agricultural tools which were used by the farmers of the village while performing their agricultural tasks.

The museum receives visitors from the schools of the surrounding area who are given the opportunity to see the exhibits displayed in the museum and also learn about their use.

The Limnatiti family’s objective is to relocate the museum and to display all the exhibits that are today kept in the family’s home in a new building.



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