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Natural Environment

Located approximately 20 km north of the city of Limassol, exactly at the centre of the district, is the village of Limnati. The housing is built on the west slope of the green valley of River Limnatis, in a peaceful and picturesque environment and is therefore rightfully considered to be among the most beautiful villages of the district of Limassol and of Cyprus in general. 

Upon setting eye on the village from the opposite slope, one cannot help but be stunned by the unexpected and at the same time amazing sight that lays hidden behind the hills. A deep natural basin spreads along the horizon while in the middle emerge the tiled roofs of the houses forming the village, sometimes densely built and sometimes openly.

However, what makes this place special is its impressive ground relief in combination with the wealth and variety of its vegetation.

Along the deepest point of the valley runs, almost throughout the year, the River Limnatis. The shape of the route is formed by the towering alders and platan trees which grow in abundance on the river banks along with the everlasting reed beds and the colourful oleanders. Higher from the river banks appear the known pines and other species of low bushy vegetation.

At a higher level wild vegetation subsides giving its place to tree cultivations. Olives, carobs, fruit-baring trees and citrus fruit can be found everywhere.  

However, the tree which makes the scenery unique is the well-known almond tree. In particular, almond trees offer a unique sight really worth seeing during their flowering period. In fact, Limnati has the highest production of almonds throughout Cyprus.

Certainly, this impressive variety of flora also includes Cypriot vineyards cultivated on higher altitudes.

Therefore, dedicating some time to rest at this beautiful and peaceful place is the best thing for today’s weathered by the intense pace of life people.   



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