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Heroes Monuments

The community of Limnati, wishing to honour its people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country, built monuments dedicated to them as a form of tribute for their sacrifice.


The monument dedicated to the EOKA fighters stands in the yard of the church of Timios Prodromos and it has been created in honour of Demetris Charalampous and Vasilis Alexandrou, who sacrificed their lives during the liberating fight of 1955-59.


He was born in Limnati in 1925 and was killed near his village on the night of the 13th of October 1958. He had graduated from his village’s primary school and he was a builder. Also, he was actively involved in the syndicalist movement and joined the EOKA fight from the very beginning. He fought in his village and in the entire surrounding region as a sector head of EOKA, as a guide for the guerilla teams and their supplier, while he also built a hideout in his house where he hid EOKA supplies and made bombs.

More than once he was spotted by British soldiers at night and shot at while moving from one place to another, but he would always manage to escape. He hadn’t been identified, but on one occasion, in February 1957, he was arrested as a suspect after his house had been searched and was held in Limassol for 17 days. However, after undergoing intense interrogation, he was released. Next, he continued his action and actually took part in an ambush against a British military convoy in the area of Alassa. 

On the night of his death, he was guiding the area’s sector leader Stavros Stavrou Syros from the village of Limnati to the village of Lania for a mission when they were both ambushed by British soldiers. During the crossfire, Demetris Charalampous, who had been at the front, was killed, whereas the sector leader managed to escape.    

Demetris Charalampous was buried in his village as a hero. He was married and had two young children.


Vasilis Alexandrou was born in Limnati. He was married to Eleni Mavrikiou and had two daughters. He joined EOKA in 1955 and he operated in the area of Limnati. Along with his fellow fighters, he would construct hideouts in various areas. He was arrested during the fight after he had been betrayed and he was held in custody at the Pyla lockup. He was returned to his relative severely ill and died on the 21st of January 1958 at the age of 33.   



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