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The growth of our community over the past years has urged the Community Council of Limnati to proceed with the construction and planning of various infrastructure and beautification projects aiming at the reformation of the community and at improving the residents’ quality of life. 

Some of these projects are the following:

Completed Projects

1. Construction of a road which links the community to the community of Alassa. The road is six km long.
2. Construction of a monument which is dedicated to the missing persons of the community and which is located at the community park of Limnati.
3. Installation of benches and rubbish bins in various points within the village.
4. Construction of traditional fountains.
5. Lining of the retaining walls with local stone.
6. Establishment of a permanent cleaning service (SKIP).
7. Electrification of the community stadium.
8. Construction of a car park.
9. Creation of a small park at the entrance of the community.

Planned Projects

1. Renovation, maintenance and conversion of the old derelict primary school of the community into a cultural centre. 
2. Construction of a multiple-usage hall.
3. Restoration of the old community stadium to its original state.



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